Secure Tape/Cartridge Transfer

9-Track, 3480, 3490 and 3490e to CD or DVD

We'll transfer your 9-Track, 3480, 3490 and 3490e tape cartridges to CD-ROM or DVD in our secure facility. We can turn around many jobs in a day or two. Longer and more complex jobs may require more time. We can also convert the EBCDIC data to ASCII.

This secure and confidential service is great for monthly, quarterly or yearly tapes that you need converted.

vEdit lets you edit EBCDIC data files and convert them to other formats, like binary (hex) or ASCII.

Secure Transfer and Confidentiality

We perform all tape and cartridge transfers in a restricted-access secure U.S.-based facility. The systems in the secure facility are not connected to the Internet or to the company network.

Pricing, Shipping and Turn-Around

Pricing is based on the number of files we transfer and the size of the files. Turn-around time is generally within two business days. You are responsible for shipping in each direction. If you need documentation about our security practices, we can also sign our Confidentiality and Indemnity Agreement.

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