vEdit Advanced Search and Replace includes pattern matching and regular expressions

Edit Any File Text, EBCDIC, Data, Binary, Hex and More

Edit any size text, data or binary file (even 100GB+) with vEdit Pro64. Standard vEdit supports files up to 2GB. Written in hand-optimized assembly language, VEDIT edits huge files quickly, such as 500+ megabyte files for a CD-ROM or DVD.

vEdit easily handles any type of file you can throw at it, even those with strange control characters, corrupted files, binary files, database files, fixed-width files, and more.

Various display modes show the file in its native format or any one you choose, including ASCII, Hex, Octal, Binary, and EBCDIC.

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Convert Files and Formats Windows/DOS, UNIX, Mac, EBCDIC, ASCII, CSV, Fixed-Length

VEDIT converts between Windows/DOS, UNIX and Mac text files; and supports other useful conversions.

  • Convert between fixed-length records and normal text files
  • Convert between flat file (database) and delimited (e.g., csv) formats
  • Convert between binary and hex
  • Convert between EBCDIC and ASCII
  • Convert tabs to spaces (called "detab")
  • Pad a text file to make all lines the same length.
  • Strip trailing spaces from a text file.

More about Converting Files (vEdit wiki)…

vEdit converts between many file types
vEdit converts between many file types
vEdit Advanced Search and Replace includes pattern matching and regular expressions

Automate Routine Tasks Built-In and Custom Macros Speed Complex Work

vEdit's extensive macro scripting/programming language includes over 400 commands. It also comes with a library of macros that you can use to accomplish complex operations. You can also create your own macros to extend vEdit's capabilities and automate routine tasks.

Simply call macros from vEdit's COMMAND MODE window or the Windows Command Prompt. You can also assign macros to hot keys and to the customizable User Menu.

More About vEdit Macros

Fast Customizable Sorting Sort Massive Files that Choke Spreadsheets

Sort all or part of a file with incredible speed. vEdit easily handles massive file sizes (like 100GB+ with vEdit Pro64) that slow down or crash spreadsheet programs.

  • Sort by single keys and multiple fields (primary and secondary keys)
  • Sort European characters according to the OEM character set
  • Sort EBCDIC (mainframe) data files
  • Customize the sort order of regular and special characters with custom collate tables

More about Sorting (vEdit wiki)…

vEdit can sort the entire file or just the selection
Sort the entire file or just the selection
vEdit Advanced Search and Replace includes pattern matching and regular expressions

Configurable Keyboard and Menu Make It Work Better for You

vEdit is completely configurable. You can modify over 200 parameters and the keyboard layout. You can also modify the User menu, for example, to call your custom macros.

Configure the keyboard layout to your tastes and add an unlimited number of keystroke macros. Multi-key sequences are also supported. You can modify the keyboard layout interactively or load an an entire keyboard layout file. All of the "hot keys" displayed in the menu and dialog boxes update dynamically as the keyboard layout changes.

More about vEdit Configuration (PDF File)

vEdit Advanced Search and Replace includes pattern matching and regular expressions

Block Operations Copy, Move, Delete, Fill, Search and More

vEdit lets you perform a wide variety of operations on blocks of text or other content. A block can be the current selection, a line, a column or the entire file.

  • Copy, move, indent and delete blocks
  • Insert empty blocks between columns
  • Search/replace within a block or column
  • Convert to upper/lower/switch case
  • Fill blocks with spaces, strip high bits and more
  • Save the selected block to a file
  • Insert the Windows clipboard contents as a column
  • Enable and disable "persistent" blocks

More about Block Operations (vEdit wiki)…

I now have an editor and keyboard layout that 'fits like a glove'.

Dan L. (EducAide)